John Chino, CSRM, ARM-E, ARM-P

Area Senior Vice President – Gallagher

John Chino, CSRM, ARM-E, ARM-P

Area Senior Vice President – Gallagher


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Throughout an expansive career in risk management exceeding four decades, John Chino, CSRM, ARM-E, ARM-P has displayed remarkable dedication to continuing education and to creating a safer future for students and schools.

“It’s not just about insurance; it’s about making a difference in the lives of students and communities.”

An accomplished broker specializing in public sector risk, Mr. Chino’s commitment transcends the typical realm of risk management. He is deeply rooted in his desire to foster positive, impactful change in students’ lives and the wider community they reside in.


John took part in an initiative to support a strong partnership between his workplace, Gallagher, and his Alma mater The University of Southern California (USC) to help bring fresh talent and innovation to the industry.

Recognizing the opportunity for greater collaboration, John advocated for Gallagher’s increased involvement and emphasized the importance of recruiting top students for internships and employment.

These collaborations ensure that the next generation of professionals benefit from a strong educational foundation and relevant work experience, ultimately enabling industry growth and continued innovation.


These achievements are not merely markers of personal success, but symbols of John’s dedication to ethical practices, continuous learning, and innovation within the field.

  • Earned the CSRM Designation: John successfully completed the rigorous five-course School Risk Management designation program, knowledge of the unique needs and exposures in the educational sector; illustrating his dedication to expanding his expertise within the insurance industry.

  • National Alliance Faculty Member: John is a National Alliance Faculty Member, where he guides participants through real-world scenarios, giving them a deep understanding of what their clients are facing today.

  • Development of 18 Self-Insurance Pools: John’s innovative approach to risk management led to the creation of 18 self-insurance pools. These pools have provided cost-effective insurance solutions that alleviate the financial burdens faced by public entities.

  • Community Matters Board Member: Committed to creating harmonious learning environments, John has contributed to the reduction of bullying and mistreatment through evidence-based programs that foster youth empowerment and engagement.
  • Lloyd’s of London Internship: John’s journey took an international turn as he embarked on a two-year internship at Lloyd’s of London. He specialized in the intricate placement of self-insured public entity programs and became the first American to pass the Lloyd’s Introductory Exam.
  • Rolling Workers’ Compensation LPT Program: John’s forward-thinking mindset led to the creation of a Rolling Workers’ Compensation LPT Program. This innovative initiative utilized a client’s Captive as reinsurance, bolstering risk management strategies in the scholastic sector.

It’s clear that John’s journey transcends the personal arc of success; each achievement represents a step forward for the broader risk management and insurance profession.

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