The Dynamics Series is renowned with agencies, companies, and carriers for its career-elevating sales techniques, sales management strategies, and motivational power.

Why Dynamics?

  • The Dynamics Sales Process transforms the traditional 25% close ratio to 70% of your presentations!
  • It’s a Sales Process that has revolutionized insurance sales careers for over 40 years as it constantly changes with the times
  • Dynamics is the only “insurance specific” selling process created & taught by top insurance sales professionals
  • The high closing ratio of the Dynamics process will skyrocket your personal income
  • We limit the class size to facilitates a transformative learning experience and provide personal attention
  • Virtual or Live Class – Our Master Insurance Agents work one-on-one with students to drill personal skills

What You’ll Learn: 

  • How to enjoy financial success in hard or soft markets
  • How to implement a personal process that has structure without taking away your personal style
  • How to empathize with prospects building solid relationships and their trust in you
  • How to quickly qualify an opportunity to determine if it will truly lead to a sale
  • How to avoid being used and walk away without burning a future opportunity
  • How to turn a price driven consumer to consider other aspects in designing their protection plan
  • How to direct the sales flow using very directed questions rather than lecture
  • How to speak to a consumer in common language to ensure buyer understanding
  • How to recognize an objection and bring it to a successful conclusion
  • How to develop successful personal target markets
  • How to turn your clients into your best referral source
  • How to build and manage a pipeline of future opportunities
  • How to change your selling style to match your client without seeming insincere


CE credit is approved in some states for live class. To determine specific credits for your state go to the CE Guide.

This course addresses the client skills that Account Managers and CSRs say they need the most improvement in—according to surveys in The Pulse of Customer Service: A Profile of Insurance Industry Customer Service Personnel

The Dynamics of Service course is designed to boost your ability to interact with both colleagues, clients, and the larger community. Learn all about the subtleties and dynamics of being an Account Manager and Customer Service Representative. Master how to read different personality styles and types. Grasp active listening skills and use them to identify client needs. Unsure of how to interact with difficult customers? With the Dynamics of Service, learn to diffuse and deflect a tense or awkward exchange. Additionally, gain the skills to transcend client complaints and objections, turning them into opportunities for improved relations, client buy-in, higher customer retention, and increased sales.

Topics Covered in this 7-hour course:

  • Improve your people skills dramatically
  • Tune up your professional and interpersonal competence
  • Acquire a wealth of tools and techniques for dealing with customers effectively


State CE credit is approved in most states. To determine specific credits for your state go to the CE Guide.


Dynamics of Company / Agency Relationships was developed exclusively for insurance companies. It is highly beneficial for underwriters, marketing representatives, supervisors, claims adjusters, loss control, and management.

This interactive course helps company associates better understand the world of the agent in order to become more effective business partners. In 2 ½ days, we’ll bring a proactive, insurance-specific approach to relationship building, to create an atmosphere of cooperation between companies and the agencies they do business with.

Course Content

The curricula is enhanced by role-playing and the facilitation of instructors who are actively, successfully, involved in the industry.

Topics Covered:

  • Begin new business relationships and enhance existing ones.
  • Develop communication and negotiation skills.
  • Communicate with different personality styles.
  • Improve relationships within company ranks.
  • Adapt to the changing marketplace.
  • Determine what is most important from your agent’s perspective.
  • Recognize different agency cultures and adapt the sales culture accordingly.
  • Develop a system of pre-qualifying agency submitted accounts

Dynamics of Company/Agency Relationships is also available as an in-house program for staffs of 20 to 60.

Full attendance at a Dynamics program qualifies for one year of update credit for dues-paid CICs and CRMs, and up to two years of update credit for dues-paid CISRs and CSRMs.

Do you want to work smart and close more accounts? The Dynamics of Selling process has revolutionized the sales careers of a generation of insurance producers—dramatically increasing closing ratios and personal income. While many generic sales programs are available, Dynamics remains the only “insurance specific” sales process developed and taught by successful sales leaders in the industry.

Study the traits of successful Producers, develop communication and negotiation skills that become second nature. You will learn how major industry changes can be leveraged and grasp how to develop solid prospects, overcome objections, and close the sale.

Topics Include:

  • Learn the skills of selling in any market cycle
  • Understand the client decision process and provide value to your client
  • Build a client-driven sales culture, overcome objections, and fix problems
  • Know how to negotiate and practice advanced client communications
  • Take what you have learned to the streets

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State CE credit is approved in most states. To determine specific credits for your state go to the CE Guide.


Experience the best P&C sales program in the industry and learn the traits of a star producer.

With a limited class size, The Dynamics Master Sales Class is a career-changing, 5-day program designed to surround participants with a proven process through practice opportunities and individualized coaching not available in a 2-day format. Further Master Class training will reinforce a marketing regimen guaranteed to answer the most frequently asked question: How do I get in the door?

Why Spend Five Days in Sales Training? To Work Smart, Close More Accounts, and Have the Career of a Lifetime!

This is a limited and unprecedented opportunity to develop dynamic selling skills, marketing knowledge, and a proven sales process—a winning mix that leads to career-building success.

New Producers:

Do you want to go from a close ratio of two sales out of 10 proposals to a lucrative six or seven out of 10? The New Dynamics Master Sales Class is an amazing event developed and taught by life-changing mentors. Why wait years to figure out on your own the skills we can teach in five days!

Veteran Producers:

Forgotten the basics, need to recharge your skills, and up your game? Consider the very best athletes continue to train because they are driven to remain—the very best!

A Few Dynamics Master Class Highlights

      • Understand Major Industry Changes and How to Leverage Them
      • Study the Five Traits That Make Producers Sales Stars
      • Learn the Skills of Selling in Any Market Cycle
      • Develop a Method to Avoid the Price-Driven Sale
      • Create a Value Proposition Tied to Your Buyer’s Actual Needs
      • Learn The Skill of Qualifying
      • Understand How to Open and Uncover Buyer Pains You Can Fix
      • Discuss Your Program in a Language Any Buyer Will Understand
      • Develop a Marketing Plan That Will Get You in the Door
      • Establish a Niche Market That Will Be Specific to Your Personal Success
      • Get Inside and Practice the Skills of Overcoming Objections
      • The Power of Social Media and Your Sales Process

Five Days of Power-packed Training for $1,250

        • Includes all training, course materials, and refreshments during the day.
        • CE Credit – This program has been approved for continuing education (CE) credit by state insurance departments. The credits approved vary by state. You can view available CE credits by state on the Dynamics of Master Sales CE Guide.
        • Transportation & Accommodations are the responsibility of the student. Where possible, we will provide local hotel information at various pricing levels

Dates Coming Soon!

CE credit is approved in some states for live class. To determine specific credits for your state go to the CE Guide.

Get a fresh perspective on yourself as mentor, coach, friend, leader, and sales manager and learn to develop a sharp, productive, highly skilled sales force at Dynamics of Sales Management.

When it comes to insurance sales force performance, sales management is critical. The Dynamics of Sales Management program will focus your sales management skills, directing and elevating them. This cutting-edge course will increase your relationship skills and give you insurance-focused processes not available elsewhere. You will gain the organizational insights, analytical tools, and management ‘big picture’ thinking that will lead to an insurance sales team that will have sustained success.

Sales management is one of the toughest jobs out there. It involves taking on a great many tasks other than selling: attracting and retaining the right talent, training and developing new hires, and developing territory sales plans. Get a fresh perspective on yourself as mentor, coach, friend, leader, and sales manager and learn to develop a sharp, productive, highly skilled sales force with the Dynamics of Sales Management.

Topics Include:

  • Traits of today’s successful sales manager—How to make decisions that have a direct, positive impact on your bottom line
  • Agency culture—The specifics of creating and managing a team that’s motivated and that closes sales
  • Selection and hiring—Recruitment, retention, hiring, and firing techniques that maximize your team’s production
  • Resolving contract and equity issues—How to create win-win situations out of employment and commission agreements
  • Goal setting and monitoring—Proven ways to help your sales team break old habits and learn positive new ones
  • Compensation strategies—Elements of a compensation plan, and how a successful plan is developed
  • Managing the sales process—Strategies for evaluating your staff, driving an effective sales process, and ensuring great sales calls


State CE credit is approved in most states. To determine specific credits for your state go to the CE Guide.

Learning Options

Instructor-Led Online

In-Person Classroom


What's in it for
Your Clients?

  • Practical, real-world information that provides best-in-class knowledge and best-in-class protection.
  • A well-designed and thorough profile of complex exposures and coverage remedies
  • Your in-depth knowledge of current approaches in both personal and commercial lines

What's in it for Your Agency or Company?

  • Low cost/High Impact for new employees
  • Choose topics relevant to your business
  • Self-study courses allow flexibility in completion

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