Elements of Risk Management


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Section 1 – Introduction to Risk Management

The Language of Risk

Examples of Perils

Risk Appetite versus Risk Ability

What is Risk Management?

The Risk Management Process

Logical Classifications

Section 2 – Risk Identification

Risk Identification Article

General Classes of Risk

Categorizing Exposures

Physical Inspection – Snap Kitchen

Section 3 – Risk Analysis

Gathering Loss Data Article

Real World Uses of Risk Analysis

Types of Risk Analysis

Intro to Risk Analysis Tools

Total Cost of Risk (TCOR)

Importance of Loss Trending

Section 4 – Risk Control

Hurricanes and Heartache on the Texas Coast and Rockport Fulton Revisited

Intro to Risk Control Techniques

Risk Control Techniques

Section 5 - Risk Financing

Simple Risk Financing Options

Loss Sensitive Financing Options

Risk Financing Methods

Internal versus External Funds

Section 6 – Risk Administration

Who is a Risk Manager?

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