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This Study Guide enhances your learning experience. It contains Check-in questions, Knowledge Checks, and Self-Quizzes contained within the course, along with an Answer Key and Glossary. Use it as a tool to help practice and assess your knowledge of the course material. 

A Resources section is included that contains valuable suggestions for test preparation and study techniques, as well as some sample exam questions and a glossary of terms.

Section 1: Circumstances for Buying Life Insurance

This video outlines the various reasons why people decide to buy life insurance.

Section 1: Underwriting Concerns

This video illustrates the concept of risk assessment, and factors that may be of concern when underwriting a Life Insurance policy.  

Section 1: Life Insurance Ratings

While there are many circumstances to consider, the video provides one example of a scenario that may affect one’s life insurance rating.  In other words, how they are classified by insurers to determine how much life insurance premiums will be.  

Section 2: Term Life Insurance

This video examines the factors contributing to the profitability of Term Life Insurance. 

Section 2: Whole Life Insurance

This video focuses on the characteristics of a Whole Life Insurance policy. 

Section 2: Non-forfeiture Options of Whole Life

This video dives deeper into a Whole Life Insurance policy– specifically, the contract provision known as Non-Forfeiture-Options.  

Section 3: Standard Components to a Life Insurance Contract

This video outlines the four parts that make up the standard components to a Life Insurance contract.  

Section 3: Guaranteed Insurability Rider

This video provides a scenario showcasing how a Guaranteed Insurability Rider provides options to cover one’s Life Insurance needs. 

Section 3: Accessing Options

This video considers the options available for Whole Life policy owners when considering how to apply their dividends.  

Section 4: Health Insurance Policy Categories–Intro

This video introduces the topic of Health Insurance, which is a category of insurance that affects most people in one way or another.   

Section 4: Critical Illness Policy

This video provides a scenario that illustrates the need for a Critical Illness policy.  

Section 4: Compliance–Department of Labor

This video takes a look at the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA); a federal law establishing minimum standards for healthcare and retirement plans in private industry.  

Section 4: Managed Care Plans

This video provides a scenario showing why companies, as third-party-payers, have restrictions in place for how much someone can spend. In Healthcare, this is known as internal limitations and cost containment.  

Section 5: Federal Regulations

This video illustrates federal regulations affecting healthcare since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Section 5: High-Deductible Health Plans

This video speaks to High Deductible Health Plans: Plans with lower premiums and higher deductibles than traditional health plans.  

Section 6: Introduction to Medicare

This video introduces you to the topic of Medicare– the largest indemnity plan in existence in the United States.  

Section 6: Eligibility for Medicare

This video looks further into Medicare and the various factorings contributing to eligibility.  

Section 6: Medicare Part D – Prescription Drugs

This video outlines Medicare Part D – A voluntary outpatient prescription drug benefit for people with Medicare.  

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