Frequently Asked Questions and More Important Information

Welcome to your Online Course!

We want to thank you for choosing the online platform for your Learning Journey.

 There are two things that you need to be ready for your webinars and to be successful in this online course. 

1.) is your webinar links.

2.)  is your course materials. 

 Look at the Frequently Asked Questions below if you have not received your links or cannot locate your materials. 

Also, were here to help you out every step of the way. If you ever, have any questions please email us at 

 Make sure you have the links for your scheduled webinars and take a look at your course materials. 

 To join a webinar, use the link that is in the email that is sent to your email from us, the National Alliance. 

Don’t worry! We can send you another one very quickly. Also, some work emails are very secure, and our webinars are automated. 

You may need to update your email to a personal one like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. 

Otherwise you can get with your I.T. and have our email whitelisted! 

All course materials can be found by logging into SCIC.COM and then clicking the prompt at the top of the page to take you to your online classroom. 

Once there click LEARNING ACTIVITES. 

Prework or participation agreement looks like this. 

Complete this by clicking launch prework and 

Clicking SUBMIT at the bottom of the page! 

Log in to your PROfile at (not your online course) and go to your account. 

Once in your account click on courses on the left-hand side. 

Next scroll down to the course you are currently enrolled in and click REQUEST CE  to the right of the name of your course. 

Fill out the information there and then hit SAVE. 

Those who are seeking CE and/or Update credit for there designation will need to attend the webinars live. 

However, if you are only taking the exam to obtain your designation, you do not need to attend the webinars live. 

You can catch up on anything you have missed in the recordings of each class in your course materials. 

Remember to close all background programs, as they can interfere with both the audio and visual quality of the webinar. 

If that does not work out, you may have to log out and back in. 

Please let us know if the problem continues. 

Those who are currently taking the 5 courses to obtain a designation will need to take and pass 5 exams. 

However, you do not need to take the exam if you only need CE or update credit. 

First decide if you would like to travel to a location or take the exam via an online proctor who will monitor you through a webcam . 

Next take a look at your course materials at “How do I Schedule my Exam” and “Exam Information” 

There will be a linked Proctor Locator list for those wanting to travel to a location. 

Search by City or State then using the Email or phone number provided contact the proctor and set up an exam appointment. 

Then save the information to the proctor tab (see next FAQ to find proctor tab) 

If you are wanting use an online proctor go to and pay the fee. 

Log on during the exam window to take your exam, there is no appointment needed. 

We will send all exam information VIA Email to proctors the Friday before the exam window. 

Only those who are taking the exam need to fill this out. 

There is no form to send in, only information you need to fill in online. 

You can find this under the proctor tab by following these directions. 

· Log into PROfile at 

· Then click on Online Course at the top to go to your course website 

· Click on Go To Your Learning Center (in Orange) 

· Click on the title of your course (NOT the resume button) 

· Then you should have a proctor tab at the top 

· Click Select and use the search bar to search for your proctor, and click to add 

· Update the date and time of your exam (hint: when you click on the calendar, there is a small clock to click on at the bottom of the pop-up to update the time of your exam) 

There is no way to verify attendance individually during the webinar, we can only do that after it has ended. 

We will send you an email in 48 hours after the webinar has ended to let you know if you have missed one, or if you are in danger of loosing credit for the course. 

The polls will cover the entire screen for around 30 seconds to a minute even if you have answered it already. 

We know that they can take away from the presentation, but unfortunately, this is currently the available technology for verifying attendance so that CE can be reported. 

We understand that the occasional poll may be missed due to technical issues, note taking, bathroom break etc. so missing one does not mean you are automatically counted out. 

Please let us know if you ever feel you have missed one. 

Any other questions?

Let us know at:

Do you need an answer immediately?

Check out our FAQ page!