Dues-Paid Designees can take advantage of a $200 discount on all PRO Focus courses.

PRO Focus

Advanced Education for Elite Insurance and Risk Management Professionals.

Specialization Is a Game-Changer.

The risk management and insurance industry is competitive. Emerging sectors like cyber environment  mandate a deeper focus from professionals. Carve out your professional niche with PRO Focus courses.

Invest in Your Limitless Potential.

Thousands of risk and insurance professionals have used PRO Focus courses to dive deep into advanced and emerging industry topics.

Crafted for High Performers in
Risk Management and Insurance.

Inspired by the highly regarded James K. Ruble programs, PRO Focus courses help professionals maintain a competitive edge with knowledge of emerging industry trends.

Accelerate Growth &
Amplify Earnings.

PRO Focus courses develop knowledge in specific risk and insurance niches to help you expand your book of business. Master your current specialty in transportation, contractors, marine, or venture into new territories.

Lead with Innovation &
Capitalize on Trends .

Learn and adopt novel approaches that can sharpen your technical ability. Join fellow risk and insurance professionals leveraging the latest marketplace trends to deliver unmatched value to clients.

A Legacy of Excellence.

Drawing inspiration from the legendary James K. Ruble courses and delivered by a faculty of leading risk and insurance practitioners, the PRO Focus series can be truly transformative.

Dive Into Advanced Risk and Insurance Topics

1. Choose Your Course.

Explore our catalog of advanced courses.

2. Jump Into a Niche Topic.

Tailor your professional development learning.

3. Achieve Growth.

Deepen your technical knowledge.

Helping you own your potential.

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research understands the nuances and complexities inherent to the field of insurance and risk management. The PRO Focus Series is designed to provide comprehensive, in-depth, and up-to-date education, enabling professionals to gain the expertise in the specialty markets they are interested in they need. Build confidence in a specialty area.  

Dues-Paid Designees can take advantage of a $200 discount on all PRO Focus courses.

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