Humble, Hungry, Smart and Innovation

March 31st

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Value Days allow us to come together and demonstrate how we embody the qualities that commit us to act responsibly, to be accountable for our actions, to fulfill our obligations, and to inspire others.

“There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.”
― Brené Brown

Featured Sessions

Our Leadership Training group will share their thoughts on how they have contributed to innovative projects or tools at TNA, and what other innovative projects they may be working on.

Our 401k provider, The Standard, will be here to discuss the plan overall, what innovations have happened in the 401k world recently, and how they may affect you.

Alex & Scott will discuss how we will embody being HHS and The Ideal Team Player. They will also elaborate how we use Innovation to improve the overall employee experience.

You may have questions about your overall financial success after hearing about our 401k plan. Austin Locklear will speak about the myriad of options you have available to you.

Learn about your Human Resource Information System and what is available to you in the tool. Did you know we’re a PEO? Do you know what a PEO is? Come find out more about it!

We will also have fun sessions like an Innovation Game and PowerPoint Roulette to keep you awake.

Prizes will be given to the winners!

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