Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)

The Certified School Risk Manager (CSRM) Program is the only comprehensive school risk management professional designation in the U.S. and is tailored for the specific needs of school administration and business officials, as well as insurance and risk management professionals who serve schools, colleges, universities, and other school communities. Earners of the CSRM designation successfully complete courses that introduce risk management concepts, practical knowledge, and strategies focused on the risk exposures found in school settings. CSRMs are prepared to apply quantitative and qualitative techniques to estimate and mitigate the impact of risks in a school environment.

  • School risk identification
  • School risk management
  • School risk funding
  • School risk forecasting
  • School claims management
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk analysis strategies
  • Insurance placement for school risks
  • School Safety
  • Complete five 7-hour CSRM courses and corresponding exams within 3 calendar years
  • Achieve a minimum score of 70% on each 1-hour, 50-question, multiple-choice exam, taken at the end of each course; and
  • Fulfill an update requirement by taking 7 hours in supplementary courses each year.

WHy being a CSRM makes a difference

School districts, school employees, students, and parents deserve the highest quality service from a qualified risk manager—one who has a practiced understanding about today’s institutional risks and exposures.

The Certified School Risk Manager designation is the nation’s only comprehensive risk management educational program. Training to become a CSRM includes five advanced courses covering all aspects of school risk management and five rigorous examinations. In addition, I attend continuing education courses every year to update my knowledge and skills. CSRM is my career-long commitment enabling me to better serve the needs of schools.

I am proud to be among 700 CSRMs in the country. The CSRM designation is a visible symbol for my technical knowledge, educational commitment, and ongoing professionalism.

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