Cannabis Insurance: “The Hottest Emerging Trend”1 min read

Cannabis Insurance:
“The Hottest Emerging Trend”

Cannabis insurance for growers and dispensaries is one of the most dynamic and interesting trends the insurance marketplace is experiencing. Listen as Reed Rhoden CIC, CRIS, who is the AVP/Senior Broker for M.J. Hall and Company, talks about the exposures owners face, challenges agents are uncovering and where this segment of the industry is headed in the next few years.

David Ross Interview – MMJ America

David Ross, Co-Owner of MMJ America, talks about his business in the cannabis industry, how he handles the risk management issues involved in the cannabis space, and where he thinks the industry is headed. His dispensary located in Denver, Colorado.

Burning Cannabis Insurance Questions? We have answers!

Gerry T. Jones, Managing Partner of Cannabis Insurance Solutions, LLC, shares his advice about one of the most important coverage considerations for new clients entering into the cannabis market.

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