Decoding Flood with the Flood Insurance Guru


Join hosts Dustyne Bryant and Ashley Fitzsimmons in a thought-provoking episode as they delve into the complex realm of Flood coverage, risk, and loss. With the recent implementation of the National Flood Insurance Program’s Risk Rating 2.0 program in 2021, the understanding of these crucial aspects has become even more challenging. That’s why they turn to the one and only Flood Insurance Guru, Chris Greene. Known for his unwavering passion for educating others about Flood and flood risk, Chris provides a wealth of invaluable information on the subject.

Discover the misconceptions, nuances, and solutions as our hosts engage in an in-depth conversation and be inspired to approach Flood coverage with renewed clarity and purpose.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding and expand your knowledge on this vital topic.

Learn more about the basics of how emerging risks develop, risk management process essentials, and how to apply the risk management process to an emerging risk!

Chris Greene, President and Owner of The Flood Insurance Guru

Chris Greene is the President and Owner of The Flood Insurance Guru. He is married to Stephani Greene, and they have one daughter Lydia Greene. He graduated with a master’s degree in emergency management with a focus in hazard mitigation from Jacksonville State University in 2007. He started his insurance career in 2009 and launched The Flood Insurance guru in 2018. The Flood Insurance Guru is a flood education company that spends its time educating people on flood risks, flood mitigation, and flood insurance. Chris recently launched one of the world’s largest flood learning centers after producing more than 5000 pieces of flood education content. 


Dustyne Bryant, MBA, CIC, CISR

Personal Lines Academic Director & Awkward Insurance Co-Host

Dustyne Bryant, is the Personal Lines Academic Director for The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. In her role, Dustyne collaborates with National Alliance faculty and industry colleagues to research and analyze Personal Lines segment trends, data, and coverage in an effort to deliver relevant and quality educational content to growing insurance professionals. 

Ashley Fitzsimmons, CISR

Director of Professional Development, Ohio Insurance Agents Association, Inc.

Awkward Insurance Co-Host

Known as the Beyonce of Insurance, Ashley has grown up in insurance. She has real life experience on the agency side – for nearly the last decade. She has had to overcome the same daily struggles and has personally researched and implemented many tools and programs to help her family agency run more efficiently.

Nine years spent as the fourth generation in a family agency located near Scranton, PA, obtaining her CISR designation, multiple speaking engagements across the country as well as being nominated the 2018 National CSR of the year has given her the knowledge and experience to help other agents thrive instead of just survive.

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