FREE Instructor-Led Webinar: Is Your Agency Ready for a Brand Refresh? Here Are 5 Clues

A firm’s leadership must clearly understand, embrace and communicate its brand and culture direction. Your brand is like a house. A fresh coat of paint will look nice for a while. That’s a tacticBut consider the foundation and the framing underneath the paint: Are they weak or even crumbling? Addressing those is strategy

After this session, you’ll be able to ask yourselves and your team the proper questions to develop or refresh the brand.

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Peter van Aartrijk

(“R-trike,” as in “bike”) is the founder of the Washington, DC-based insurance marketing firm Aartrijk. He started his career as a newspaper reporter, where he learned how to question the status quo. He has worked with insurance carriers, agents, brokers, and related organizations for decades. He believes the industry is ready for disruption and wants to help those who seek to innovate and create new employee and customer experiences. 

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