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Wholesale intermediaries, this is for you! With the tools from Dark Matter InsurTech, you don’t have to change the way you work to become quicker and more efficient.

Are you getting tired of keeping track of all your carrier portals and the data entry that comes along with them? As guest Mike Roy says, “Our solution is made up of multiple components that allow an actual data interaction between the agency management system and those disparate sources.” These interactions are truly digital, being automated, which gives the ability for fewer hands or even no hands to complete a task. The Wholesale Excess & Surplus space has inefficiencies built-in by design with the freedom of rate and form. Are you interested in a challenging career in software development and automation? Look no further than the specialty insurance space.

Mike Roy is an experienced automation and operations expert in the E&S industry. As CIO for three of the largest E&S platforms in the U.S., Mike’s visionary leadership has yielded significant results for his employers and the broader non-admitted marketplace.

Mike’s industry contributions include 15 years of membership and management of the AAMGA/WSIA Automation Committee for which he was presented with the Earl S. Dillard award in appreciation of his significant ongoing involvement and impact. Mike founded the E&S Joint Working Group, a collaboration between AAMGA, NAPSLO, Lloyd’s, ACT, and ACORD to further automation and interconnectivity within the E&S industry and which led to the first ACORD API standards for E&S carrier rating and forms distribution along with the first complete round-trip electronic policy transaction proof-of-concept. Mike has served on many carrier advisory boards including Nationwide E&S, XL Catlin, Markel’s Producer Council, and Nautilus’ Technology Advisory Committee.

A highly skilled team-builder, Mike helped CRC grow from a four location, $225M wholesaler to over $3B in gross written premium, over 50 locations, significant M&A integrations, and the rollout of their entire Binding Authority strategy through mergers with Southern Cross and Tapco. At RPS, Mike oversaw the consolidation of more than 28 management systems plus over 40 acquisitions allowing the centralization of business process outsourcing and a newly created CRM and data analysis platform while co-leading the creation and deployment of what is now the most successful Digital platform in the E&S industry. In less than a year at RT Specialty, Mike helped bring in significant revenue from a key acquisition partner along with a new technology platform that can be leveraged as the basis for RT’s Target Operating Model inclusive of end-to-end business process workflows, support, and future scalability.

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