Alex Factor, UACRM– A Student Success Story


Alex A. Factor, UACRM recently graduated from Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee with a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Risk Management and Insurance. Alex began his college career as a marketing major. In his sophomore year, he took an introductory course in risk management and quickly became engaged with the problem-solving nature of risk management. He changed his major and never looked back.

Alex believes some people have a stereotypical view of risk management being tied solely to insurance. They are unaware of the industry’s recent expansion into an entirely unique and amazing area of corporate risk management. He looks forward to the endless opportunities to implement controls, build frame-works, and assist with compliance in the finance, consulting, public sector, and other areas of the economy.

Through the University Associate program arts FSU, Alex has earned a University Associate Certified Risk Manager (UACRM) designation from The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. Alex contends he earned one of the best insurance and risk management degrees in the country. He goes on to state, “What helps the students excel and stand out are the partnerships with key organizations. Specifically, the partnership with The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research.

Alex is confident his UACRM designation will take him far in his risk management career. The UACRM Program recognized Alex as one of a selective and unique group of individuals who demonstrate a mastery of risk management as well as strong work ethic and determination.

What excites him about entering the insurance and risk management community is the industry’s unparalleled confidence in young professionals. Alex states, “There is so much trust and faith in the millennial generation. I know I will have the ability to grow at an accelerated pace.”

Next, Alex plans to begin his career as a risk analyst at PNC Financial Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His first year will consist of training and rotating through different departments. In 2021, he believes he will be selected to manage risk in operation, credit, or data. Alexis wants to eventually obtain a Master’s Degree in Enterprise Risk Management.

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