Certified School Risk Manager

The Certified School Risk Manager (CSRM) designation is known for providing career-building expertise and credibility within the school system and community.

Prove you’re a pro—earn the designation that matters—CSRM. Educational institutions require professionals who know how to identify today’s risks and plan for tomorrow’s challenges!

CSRM is a designation program that allows you to expand your skills and enables you to apply quantitative and qualitative techniques to estimate the impact of risks in your school.

CSRM provides you with an introduction to risk management concepts as well as practical knowledge and strategies. CSRM is right for you if you:

    • are a Superintendent of Schools, Business Official, Risk and Safety Manager, School Administrator, Head of School,
    • are employed by a K-12 public or private school a charter school, a community college or university, or
    • are a licensed agent, account manager, underwriter, broker, or adjuster.

With these professional interests, you can focus in on CSRM courses and build your knowledge of the unique needs and exposures in the educational sector and increase your marketability!

Earning the CSRM designation demonstrates that you understand your school’s safety and risk requirements and can identify the different types of risk the students, faculty, staff and ultimately, the community are exposed to everyday.

CSRM Course Options

Fundamentals of Risk Management

Administering School Risks

Measuring School Risks

Handling School Risks

Funding School Risks

Update Option: Emerging Risks and Trends in Schools

Learning Options

Traditional Classroom

  • One-day courses packed with powerful skill and career-advancing instruction, followed by an optional 1-hour exam—passing the exam is required to earn the designation
  • Choose from five CSRM course offerings to fit your professional needs, conducted in hundreds of locations in major cities throughout the U.S. and internationally
  • Get concrete, current examples and case studies presented by top-notch faculty to help you apply what you learn
  • Train your entire team and save money by bringing National Alliance programs to your organization or school location—contact Business Development at 800-633-2165 or email alliance@scic.com.

Self-Paced Online

  • Courses are accessible by computer, tablet, or cell phone—24/7 with an amazing 60-day period to complete (currently, the notebooks and other documents are not optimized to read on your phone)
  • Enjoy the easy-to-use learning environment—navigate freely
  • You’re in charge—the courses are self-directed! Stop and start your sessions anytime—your place will be saved
  • You’ll find helpful interactive Knowledge Check exercises with great feedback
  • There are self-quizzes to check comprehension—passing is required

Earning the Designation

Take the five CSRM courses and pass the corresponding exams within three calendar years after you pass your first CSRM exam.

Maintaining Your Designation

After earning the CSRM designation, you must meet an annual update requirement. Choose from the list provided, classroom or online. Please note that CSRM online self-paced courses require completion of all quizzes and final exam for designation update. Click here to see if you need to take and pass the final exam(s) to receive state CE credit where available. These are the CSRM annual update options—

Satisfies your annual update— up to two years

  • Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) course
  • Certified Risk Manager (CRM) course
  • Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM) course
  • Dynamics Series—Classroom Sales Training (dues required)
  • Ruble/ProFocus (dues required)
  • Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium (dues required)

Satisfies your annual update—two 4-hr courses; no dues required

  • William T. Hold Seminars—Self-Paced Online (4-hour)
  • Ethics—Self-Paced Online (4-hour)
  • Insuring Flood Exposures—Self-Paced Online (4-hour)

Satisfies your annual update—one 7-hr course, classroom or online; no dues required

  • William T. Hold Seminars—Classroom (7-hour)
  • Dynamics of Service—Classroom (7-hour)
  • Certified School Risk Manager (CSRM) course
  • Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) course