Dating an Insurance Customer Service Representative



In this episode of Awkward Insurance, Dustyne Bryant, CIC, CISR, MBA, and Heath Shearon, the Mayor of Insurance Town, have a candid conversation about the evolution of their relationship as account manager and marketing manager, respectively. Heath offers his perspective on communication, being a marketing representative for insurance carriers, and how brief dabbles as a producer helped transform the way he returned to marketing.

For account managers, communicating their needs and expectations to carriers can be frustrating. Carriers have specific ideas on what preferred business looks like, but what comes across the desk may not always fit the mold. What clients are looking for, may not match what a carrier is offering. Carrier marketing representatives, territory managers, and the likes are there to bridge the gap between insurance companies and agency professionals.

Listen closely to pick up golden nuggets about how both agency professionals and carrier marketing representatives can squeeze the most out of their meetings together. Cultivating these relationships will add value for the client and to the agency as these relationships help build profitable books of business.

About our Guest: Heath Shearon

Heath Shearon is a 2nd generation insurance professional. Beginning his career as a producing agent in 2003, he found his niche as a Marketing Representative connecting Agents to the carriers they represent in a personal way. He has successfully increased traffic and submissions wherever he has worked in the industry. Throughout his career Heath has earned Marking Representative of the year three times, Broker of the Year two times, and was awarded Young Insurance Professional of the Year. Heath Shearon loves Insurance so much that he has served on several boards and committees, including Vice President of the Professional Insurance Agents of Arkansas, President of the Arkansas Field Club, and also sat on the board of directors for the Young Insurance Professionals of Arkansas. He attained a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries from Ouachita Baptist University (2001).

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