The History of Rough Notes Magazine

History of Rough Notes

In this Resources webinar, President & CEO, Walter J. Gdowski, uncovers the unique history behind the insurance industry’s most recognized publication, Rough Notes Magazine.

Rough Notes Magazine began in the late 1800’s and is considered the very first national publication for insurance agents. The company behind the magazine has since expanded to provide a wide array of insurance products and solutions with the mission of empowering independent agents and their clients. 

Rough Notes began with Dr. Henry C. Martin who conducted life insurance examinations in Indianapolis. He rode a trolley back to his agency after visits and would write himself “rough notes” of what he wanted to talk to insurance agents about. The rest is history!

2 thoughts on “The History of Rough Notes Magazine

  1. A special thank you to Rough Notes CEO and President Walt Gdowski. Most of us have no idea how many ways the Rough Notes Company has influenced the insurance industry. It was such a pleasure to have a small roll in telling that story. Thank you Walt! !!

  2. My dad, James W. Krider is the editor of The Insurance Salesman edition entitled The Anatomy of an Insurance Sale” C. 1965. I’m proud to have a connection to this storied publication.

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